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For PCB design we use Eagle CAD from the Autodesk suite. We also run simulations in LTspice XVII.

On the firmware side we are most familiar with C/C++. We worked with STM and AVR chips, and we also have experience with Nordic and FPGAs.

The designs and renderings are done in Fusion 360 from the Autodesk suite.

For prototypes we have our own manufacturing tools, but we also have partnerships with rapid manufacturing companies.

We are also confortable with web technologies such as Angular, React and NodeJs.

We are comfortable working with GIT and project management tools such as Jira.


We offer full end-to-end solutions from PCB design services for up to 6 layered boards, to the web apps that communicate with them.

Team size is variable based on your needs, depending on project size it can be as high as 21 persons per team.

In case of long-term projects additional departments can be formed for new technologies.